Cocktails aren’t just for special occasions, a fact that I discovered early in my career. With just a few gadgets and simple ingredients, anyone can make a good drink. But it takes passion and creativity as well. This is one of the aspects that inspires my work as a professional Bartender. 

Based in Vancouver, I've become a well-known Bartender from word of mouth. I started bartending with a passion for combining flavors and colors, which later evolved to experimenting with other sensory elements in my recipes. Mixing the old with the new, I can craft a perfectly prepared classic with a new twist, or serve a completely original drink with basic ingredients and techniques. I'm best known for my style, grace, and originality in my work.

Cocktail Making

Private gatherings are the perfect place to have a mobile bartender. Smaller events are naturally more intimate and provide a different environment. We help create phenomenal events through our friendly, and knowledgeable staff.  Whether you are having an intimate get-together or a big extravagant party, we will help make it a luxurious unforgettable experience. We also provide the same detail in our bar catering service, bar setup, and specialty cocktails.


Founded in 2019 in Vancity.

My main goal is to help make your life a little easier and less stressful. This is your DAY, your special event don't stress about things I can handle for you!! From beginning to end I'll help make your event run smoothly and effciently.

I always try to create an amazing experience for my clients at any venue. From private parties, to weddings and office parties. My experienced bartending and event management professionals will ensure your event is one to remember!

I offer a free consultation and advice for all of your party needs. Furthermore, I can help with all your party related questions. I'm happy to advise you on everything, from beverage inventories, party rental equipment and much more.




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If you want more information or simply want to reach out, please feel free to contact me.


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